Stewardship – Waste reduction

• Goal 1: Establish a working recycling system at church

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Recycle bin in kitchen

We’ve placed blue recycle bins throughout the church: a rolling “brute” bin for rolling to the curb, large bins in the kitchen and parish hall, smaller ones in the library, connector, and in three classrooms (from Green Team meeting notes, 9/27/09)

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Large wheeled recycle bin outside

Office Manager Susan Novak has measured the change in recycling since we purchased the large bins.  Before, she and Dick Merrill, the custodian, used to fill one small curbside bin plus one other small cardboard box every week.  Now they roll out a full 50 gallon “brute” to the curb every week.  Susan is also reducing the amount of paper (thereby saving money) by not ordering envelopes for offering (from Green Team notes, 9/27/09).

• Goal 2: Reduce the amount of waste generated by the church

Objective: Use mugs and silverware at coffee hour.

Initially, Community Ministry was concerned about the extra work involved to wash mugs after coffee hour.  The Green Team created a sign-up and now members of the congregation help coffee hour volunteers each week by running the mugs through the solar hot water dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen.  Sometimes kids help parents clean up.

Goal 3: Establish a composting system at church

Objective: Place bins in and outside church kitchen

We have the outdoor bin, but need indoor ones for the kitchen (done).

Objective: Teach kitchen users how system works

In her meeting with Ann Cianchette about coffee hour, Carol learned people aren’t sure what to do with the coffee grounds.  Gene, shouldn’t people just put them into the outdoor bin?  (done)

Objective: Manage outdoor bin.

            Gene agreed to manage this (from Green Team notes, 9/27/09).

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View of compost bucket from chapel window

photo 5-3

Compost bin of coffee grounds in kitchen

 Compost Guidelines


•Fruit/vegetable peels/cores

•Coffee grounds/Tea bags

•Egg shells

•Leaves and grass

NO:       (Keep out critters)

•Fats or oils

•Milk, cheese, other dairy

•Meat/fish, animal products

•Bread, crackers, or cereal

Compost goes into bin out back door below kitchen stairs.

Thank You!

photo 3-2

Battery recycling project started by youth group

electronics recycling

Electronics recycling station


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