Stewardship – Energy/Heat and Electricity

photo 1-5

Automatic sanctuary thermostat set to go down to 50 degrees



photo 4-5

Automatic preschool thermostat goes to 50 degrees after hours

photo 1-6

Chapel thermostat with reminder to turn down to 50 degrees

Maine Green Energy Alliance – Bill told us about an event this non-profit is hosting at our church on Sunday, November 14th  2010 in the parish hall.  This information session will teach folks ways to reduce energy bills while being greener.  Other churches are spreading the word.  You may have seen Jeff or Mary Porter talking about this at a table on Election Day at the Cumberland Town Hall.  Lalla will post an announcement on the Cumberland/North Yarmouth Family Network.  Bill also talked about doing a door-to-door education outreach to spread the word to community members not able to make the meeting (from Green Team meeting notes 10/31/10).

Fridge label

Fridge label

photo 5

Freezer label


photo 1

New Garland range with no permanent pilot light

photo 2-5

Double pane windows in church school classroom

photo 3-4

Double pane windows in church school classroom

photo 3-5

Plugged holes where insulation blown inside sanctuary walls

photo 4-6

Sanctuary walls


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