Healthy Kids Bill

A new bill before the Legislature would make sure that Maine takes action to get the worst chemicals out of our products and away from our kids.
– Click on this take action link to read more about this bill and email your rep and senator:
– Write to or email the chairs of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee: Senator Jim Boyle and Rep Joan Welsh. (see below for call script and their contact info).

Hi, is this Rep/ Sen _____? Hi, my name is ____ and I live in ____ (town.) I am calling because I am concerned about the many harmful chemicals in household products, and I understand the Environment and Natural Resources Committee is considering LD 1181, the bill that would take further steps to protect kids from toxic chemicals.

As you know, the bill would remove an arbitrary exemption in Maine law that keeps us from finding out which foods are safe from BPA, and it would help ensure parents could actually learn which products are safe for their kids.

I am hoping that your Committee passes a strong bill that truly makes progress to protect our children from toxic chemicals in everyday products, and rejects any weakening amendments. Can I count on your support for that? Is there anything your constituents can do to help?

Thank you for your time.

NOTE: if you are leaving a VOICEMAIL MESSAGE, it would be great to also send a very short email (see email addresses below) to follow-up with the legislator(s) you called, so you don’t need to play phone tag (you can say something like “I will follow-up with an email, so you can respond at your convenience.” 

Committee Chair Sen Jim Boyle (ask for his strong leadership to pass a bill that protects children’s health)

Cell: (207) 899-9606

Committee Chair Rep Joan Welsh (ask for her strong leadership to pass a bill that protects children’s health)

Home: (207) 236-6554

Personal email:

Senator Seth Goodall (Bill sponsor – thank him for working hard on the bill and ask him to avoid any amendments that would weaken the Kid Safe Products Act)
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