The Power of Community to Change Our World by Tara and Stu Hill – Earth Day Sunday 2013

This morning we light the peace candle to honor the power of community to change our world.  This week in Boston, we saw terrible acts followed by the incredible generosity of people coming together to help.  People whose heads may have been telling them to run away from the danger but whose hearts made them turn back to help those who had been hurt.   In community, they found hope.

Last night, the Green Team sponsored a showing of the film “Chasing Ice” which dramatically documents climate change through time lapse photography.   It would have been easy to leave feeling hopeless and alone in our seeming inability to tackle such an enormous problem, but instead we had the opportunity to talk as a community about what changes were possible.  We left with hope that we were part of a larger group who could indeed make a positive difference.  In the moment when our heads may have been telling us that there was nothing we as individuals could do to bring down CO2 levels in our world, our hearts reminded us that we are not alone.  We are not just individuals but rather we are part of a community that cares.

Tomorrow is the 43rd annual celebration of Earth Day – an event that brings together millions of people around the world in support of the environment.  We light the peace candle in honor of the countless individual acts that together bring hope for environmental change in our community and our world.

Tara and Stu light the Green Candle

Tara and Stu light the Green Candle

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