Green Ninja Climate Footprint: Children’s Time Earth Day 2013

Children’s Time – April 21, 2013


Lalla and the kids talk about The Green Ninja

So, have you ever heard of having a big carbon footprint?  This is a story about someone with a big carbon footprint and how to make it smaller.

Show Green Ninja video:


For Earth Day this week, what are some things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint?

How did the Green Ninja help the man to shrink his feet?

• use LED lightbulbs – turn off the light

• recycle/compost bucket (at church)

• energy efficient fridge/buying local foods and eat vegetables (carrots)

• plastic water bottle – water filter and reusable bottle

• toothbrush/leaky faucet – turn off water (save 10 gal of water/day)

• unplug electronics  (boombox)

• cloth bags paper towel roll/dish towel/Skoy or cloth (?)

A green ninja home renovation could save up to 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year – that’s like driving across the US 4 times.

What are some things you can do or remind your parents to do?

1. When you do follow the Green Ninja’s example, write down what you do and bring it to church.

2. Plant a tree in your yard or plant seeds after church today.

3. Remind your parents to come back here to the church tomorrow night.  A man like the green ninja is going to teach us how to save energy in our homes and reduce our carbon footprint.

Prayer –

Dear God, on this Earth Day week, please help us remember to take care of the earth.  Amen.


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