Earthcare Resources for Maine People

Earth Day – April 22, 2012

Spirituality of caring for Earth

Books:  The Green Bible and the Holy Bible, especially  Genesis 1&2, Psalms, Job 38-42, Rev. 22.

Love God Heal Earth by Sally G. Bingham; Creation Spirituality by Matthew Fox;                                      Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, Sallie McFague, A New Climate for Theology.

Worship resources:;;

Looking for facts: education

Courses:   several  courses from the Northwest Earth Institute,;                                        “Fishes and Loaves” from the Maine Council of Churches,

Films: “Carbon Nation, ” “Fresh,” “Food Inc.,” and “Dirt!” available from Netflix

“Meet Your Farmer,” about 6 Maine farmers, “ A Chemical Reaction, “about lawn care, and “Living Downstream,” about breast cancer,

VBS curriculum, “Hildegard’s Farm”, available from Steve Hastings,, and the  Maine Conference Resource Center ,

Websites:, Maine Interfaith Power and Light website tab, “Climate Science,” a comprehensive bibliography

Needing solidarity, building community: organizations

Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine,                                               EarthMinistry, Maine Interfaith Power and Light;              Greenfaith,;, Maine Council of Churches ;   Justice and Witness Commission, Maine Conference of the UCC ; Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology; Maine Audubon Society Osprey Group, Falmouth;                                                                                     .

What can I do? Stewardship, practical steps, and advocacy

Consider a storm window insert outreach effort, starting at home.  Window Dressers at Maine Interfaith Power & Light will get you started. Call Sam Saltonstall (899-0922) or Frank Mundo (236-22242).

Go for a U.C.C. Green Globe award:

Join Maine Interfaith Power and Light and respond to legislative alerts,

Get an energy audit for your home or church through

Shop at a local farmers’ market.

Attend an event at your local environmental organization.

Reduce pesticides in your yard according to The Organic Lawn Care Manual by Paul Tukey of Yarmouth.

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