Go Green and Save Green Shopping Tips – December 2011

…in case our Christmas Fair still left a few things on your list:


Upcycle something around the house into something new and improved.  Peruse the local consignment stores for bargains galore.

Make and Bake

Make bread, cookies, spiced nuts, jams, pies, or your grandma’s favorite treat.


Make a calendar of family photographs or a book of favorite recipes.  Write a poem.  Frame an original painting or drawing.

Grow Greens

Plant bulbs or herbs and add color to dark days.  Rejuvenate a used plastic pot with paint and stickers, cloth, or buttons for a homemade touch.

Lend a Hand

Create a gift certificate: massage, babysitting, room cleaning, snow shoveling, movie night, meal preparation, dog walking, litter box/fish tank/gerbil cage cleaning, or any other kind gesture you can offer to someone you love.

Buy Local or Fair Trade

Buy from a local craftsperson, farmer, or small business owner.  Support Fair Trade.  Assemble a (reused) basket of goodies.

Get Culture and Exercise

Give a membership to a museum, gym, or non-profit.  Give a gift certificate for a class in anything from cooking or art to salsa dancing or knitting.


Make a donation to a charity in someone’s name.  Invite a friend to volunteer with you at the Soup Kitchen or on a Habitat house.  Bring a meal to a housebound friend.

Wrap it up

Sunday comics, decorated grocery bag paper, and fabric make good gift wrap.  Glue fun images from used wrapping paper on cardstock to make gift cards.

Surf DIY (Do It Yourself) Sites



And remember to bring your own shopping bags!

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