Newsletter for September 2011

Welcome back!  I hope you’ve spent lots of time outdoors during this beautiful time of year.  We are blessed to live in Maine.

GreenFaith Certification Update

The Green Team has completed its first GreenFaith Progress Report to document our first six months toward Green Certification.  Thanks to Marshall Baxter, we’ve set up a website so you can follow our progress.  Check out our Eco-Tips for saving energy, reducing waste, and preparing locally-grown food.  Stay tuned for updates about upcoming events including films, locavore suppers, and community-building outings.

PF Alumni Go Green:

Casey Diehl, Greely ’05, is another PF Alum doing good green work:

Casey Diehl has become an accredited LEED Green Associate through the U.S. Green Building Council and now works in Boston as a green building consultant for two non-profit organizations who support green affordable housing.  Working for New Ecology, Inc. he uses data driven analytics to identify cost effective building retrofits to improve energy efficiency for clients, while in his work for the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, a large national non-profit, he engages with local offices in cities across the country to incorporate green building strategies into their affordable housing development.

Greening the Church

Stewardship Ministry has been quietly but steadily making our church more energy efficient.  This summer, they installed more insulation in the attic over the connector, replaced the ceiling lights with LED sealed units, and finished replacing T-12 lights in the office hallway.  This fall, keep an eye out for low-flow toilets in the church school bathrooms.  Thanks, Stewardship, for your continued good efforts!


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