Nature Journaling – All Church Retreat 2011

Nature Journaling


Nita writing in her journal


Journaling by the lake

from Nature Journaling by Clare Walker Leslie & Charles E. Roth

I. Basic Information:

Name                                                   Time

Date                                                    Weather


II. First Impressions: Jot down a listTry closing your eyes too.

I see                                                     I smell

I hear                                                   I touch

III. Begin Drawing:

Ground observations – sitting or lying down

• Get close to each object (leaf, flower, insect, rock, or other)

• Try to sketch it actual size

• Draw two or three objects and then move on.

• Label each item and give approximate measurements.  Indicate colors.

Eye-level observations – standing or walking around

• Draw what comes into view (leaves, shrubs, plants, low nests, birds, insects)

• Label the object and describe what it’s doing or is part of.

• Don’t worry about being realistic or exact.

Overhead observations – looking up

• Choose a tree to draw or the sky

• Record any objects passing by.

• Write some words about what you’re seeing makes you feel or reminds you of.

Whole Landscape Observations – take a snapshot

• Divide the landscape into basic shapes and label what you see.

• Keep shapes simple

“Seeing and drawing can become SEEING/DRAWING… No longer do I ‘look’ at a leaf, but enter into direct contact with its life.”  –Frederick Franck, The Zen of Seeing

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