Yardscaping, Mercury, MEIPL Update

May 2nd: 6:30-8:30 pm (6:00 refreshments) Yardscape for a Healthy Lawn – Community Outreach and Pesticides Educational Awareness Workshop sponsored by Cumberland Shellfish Commission – Cumberland Town Hall – Door Prizes/Raffle Items!

May 7th: Goodwill truck in the Church parking lot to collect used toys, clothing, housewares, and electronics for reselling or recycling.  Reduce, reuse, recycle!

May 8th: Green Worship Service – Ocean theme

May 14th: 9:00am-12 noon (8:30 Breakfast) Yardscape for a Healthy Lawn – (See May 2nd – attendees from May 2nd session invited to join this session at 10:15 to complete the workshop).  Field demonstration and panel discussion included. Workshops will help landowners gain understanding of Best Management Practices for lawn care to improve water quality and sustain our shellfish resources. – Cumberland Town Hall – Door Prizes and Raffle Items!

May 22nd and May 30th: Seedling sale – tomato plants, sunflowers, and morning glories.  Proceeds benefit the Cumberland Community Garden, starting at Twin Brook this spring!

Environmental Justice

This month, we’ll embark on our first Environmental Justice effort, and we need you! Sundays after church, we’re collecting signatures to support a new Environmental Protection Agency rule to reduce mercury and other toxic air pollution from coal-fired power plants. Lisa Jackson, EPA administrator, asked GreenFaith to rally support from people of faith, and GreenFaith turned to us.

The EPA’s proposal would require many power plants to install widely available, proven pollution control technologies to cut harmful emissions of mercury and other toxins.

The new rule will help

  • Prevent 17,000 premature deaths and 11,000 heart attacks a year.
  • Prevent 120,000 cases of childhood asthma symptoms and about 11,000 fewer cases of acute bronchitis among children each year.
  • Avert more than 12,000 emergency room visits and hospital admissions, and 850,000 fewer days of work missed due to illness.

To sign the statement of support, go to www.greenfaith.org, click on “Reduce Mercury Pollution Sign Here” and then click “Add Your Name to GreenFaith’s Statement of Support”.  Follow the directions and click submit.  Thank you for supporting cleaner air for everyone.

Awaken to Action: On April 9th, Kerry, Bill, and Lalla attended “Awaken to Action,” a climate change summit sponsored by Maine Interfaith Power and Light and Maine Audubon.  A moving interfaith worship service, inspiring keynote speaker, and stimulating afternoon workshops gave attendees opportunities to explore ideas and generate action steps on the path toward sustainability.  Notable topics included Involving Youth in Climate Change Activism, Demotorizing Maine’s Transportation System, Exploring the Deep Connection between Spirituality and Nature, and Civilization 3.0: Visualizing a Sustainable Future.

If you’re interested in joining Let’s Go Green or would like to participate in any of our upcoming projects, c’mon!  Let’s Go!

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