April Update: Don’t Worry-Be Happy

GreenFaith Update: Let’s Go Green

April 3rd: Seed planting following church in the Parish Hall or outside, weather permitting – all are welcome. Seedling sale fundraiser in May.

April 7th: “Spirit” Webinar hosted by GreenFaith Executive Director Fletcher Harper. All are welcome to join us at the church from 8-9 pm. The last webinar, “Biblical and Theological Foundations,” offers a fascinating look at selected scripture passages through a “green” lens. Recordings of past webinars are available.

April 9th: “Awaken to Action: Exploring Faith & Sustainability in an Age of Climate Change” – a summit for people of faith who care about protecting life on the planet. Maple Hill Farm, Hallowell, 9:00-5:00. $25 includes lunch. FMI, Lalla Carothers or Bill Getz.

April 10th: During worship we will share a working mission statement for GreenFaith certification and invite members of the congregation to add their insights.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Spring is in the air. Snow banks are shrinking, daffodils are growing, and Benny is wearing a t-shirt and a smile as he rides his bike around the driveway. I am filled with gratitude to live in this beautiful place surrounded by people I love. After all the sad news from around the world, this feels like a delicious respite.

In a recent article from the Rodale newsletter, “Be As Happy As Hawaii Wherever You Are”, Emily Main shares some tips for boosting happiness:

1. Find a religion, engage in prayer, or meditate (with Kathy Benton after church on 1st and 3rd Sundays). Israeli researchers found that people are happier attending religious services than shopping at the mall. (We discussed this topic at PF one night after we watched “Story of Stuff,” a documentary that notes people’s happiness wanes as they buy more “stuff.”)

2. Find a confidant and be a good listener. Engage in meaningful conversations. Share yourself and tune in to others.

3. Say “thank you” often. Gratitude is a healing antidote to depression. Find one thing to be grateful for: good health, loved ones, a job, or even access to local food.

4. Get outside. Spending time in nature lifts spirits and boosts vitality. Take a walk, listen to birds, prune a tree, watch the moonrise or the sunset, breathe.

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